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"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls"

Artists on Tumblr #1: Guillaume Chiron

If you like looking at stunning collage art, you should follow the French artist Guillaume Chiron on Tumblr. I recently came across his work and instantly fell in love.

He uses unrelated images to create stunning surrealistic compositions, like a man sawing into Athens, or a horse walking on top of another city. The use of colours is absolutely stunning and creates a nice atmosphere. It has some kind of a romantic and nostalgic feel. Even though no horse is big enough to walk on top of a city like that, his collages feel awfully real. I really like that. It’s as if I’m looking at pictures from some old photo album. It’s scary in a way, but in a really, really beautiful and magical way. Continue reading “Artists on Tumblr #1: Guillaume Chiron”


Mexture Monday #1

Mextures is a wonderful photo editing app for iOS ($1.99) that provides you with a ton of different options. You can use different layers, blending modes and adjustments to create your own beautiful effect (called ‘formula’), or you can use formulas made by other people. I’ve been playing around quite a bit with the app and will be sharing some of my own formulas on a regular basis. You can import the formula by going to ‘manage’ > ‘+’ on the  of the app and entering the formula code. The formula will then be visible under the ‘Imported’ menu.

Don’t forget to share your own formula codes in the comments!


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Love vs Hate

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.30.25

Society6 / RedBubble

Valentines day is coming up in less than a month, so I decided to make some love-themed art. Love isn’t always easy, is often confusing and weird and accompanied by hate. And that’s what the artwork is talking about. Is it love or hate? Or do you love hate? Or hate love? Both the colours and the words are contrasting, and the glitchy, broken text effect shows how weird, confusing and unstable feelings can be.

Love it or hate?
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Society6 Sunday #1

Every Sunday I’ll be posting my favourite artworks found on Society6. Society6 is a Print On Demand website where anyone can upload and sell art. When uploading a work you can choose how much profit you want to make and upload your art to a variety of products. It’s pretty damn awesome.

#1. Botanic Wars by Josh Ln.

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